It all starts with a tree, the rubber tree, and its natural ability to produce latex used to make rubber. From a simple observation of nature and after 30 years of research and experimentation, the Parisian unisex footwear design label both brings unequalled complexity and sophistication to rubber, repositioning this ancestral material into modernity and showcasing its artistic value.

After 30 years of research and seduced by rubber’s technical nature, by its inherent transparency and spontaneous resistance, the creative studio focuses on highlighting this material through contemporary pieces. Hand-cut and moulded by hand through a specific process, each pair of footwear that comes out of the brand’s workshop reveals unique craftsmanship. Preserving the pureness of rubber, both uses advanced and creative processing techniques to diversify the textures and the final design of each piece. Searching for balance, the winning formula, both pushes the envelope and tests all the possibilities of this cutting-edge material which associates perfectly with natural materials such as high-quality leathers or lighter soft cottons touches according to inspiration. Finding balance in contradiction.

By engaging with an extensive selection of materials, always thinking about comfort, both injects dynamic creativity into a carefully selected natural rubber originating from South Asia, excluding all plastic or synthetic materials. This natural endowment, which we are committed to preserving, comes through in our choice of textures and colours. With a monochromatic colour palette of white, black, grey, nude or khaki, both choses to revisit iconic models embracing quality and durability at the heart of its creative spirit.

Boots or low, with a slight 90’s take, both creations consider the uniqueness and practicability of each model, fusing minimalism with a significant level of comfort. Its very urban finish displays smooth, cracked or wrinkled textures according to the treatment, and appeals to the senses for a daily use of its footwear made for a singular and modern experience of the city. Without excessive design elements, both focuses on details with the principal objective of finding the perfect balance between simplicity and ingenuity for each creation. With rubber uppers, geometrical stitches, straps and sole designs, both embraces a soothing neutrality making its models unique pieces of timeless distinction.

At the heart of our process is an exploration of balance: in the textures of our designs, the application of our techniques and the contrast in our concepts.