Within one year,
the rubber shoe have become the focus in fashion
Within one year,
the rubber shoe have become the focus in fashion







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If you have an idea of how many shoes are produced every year, you might probably understand why the design of those stand out ahead fashion. It's like beating thousands of competitors in a TV show audition. Your uniqueness is the edge for competition.

Last year, a type of rubber shoes, born in Paris, has successfully extended into the core areas of fashion with its unique design.

both, a footwear brand featuring rubber shoes, may have been little known in Spring 2017, but it has established itself as a brand new design style in one year. Single adjectives have failed to describe it. As its name has indicated, it is an endeavor for a balance of di erent characteristics.

Rubber has always been a key element in both's design. Interestingly, in our traditional concept, rubber is a very common material, however, both has endowed rubber with an unusual meaning.

Therefore, exploring the in nite possibilities of natural rubber material has become the core of both production.

Since last year, both has made a sweeping presence in the fashion industry. And apart from exposure in various shows, the upcoming Parisian brand is also available at department stores such as Selfridges, Antonioli, Opening Ceremony, L’Eclaireur, Isetan, GR8 and Dover Street Market, SKP, ANCHORET, Galeries Lafayette, etc.

In addition to its popularity spreading worldwide rapidly, in order to explore the relationships between both's brand concept and local cultures, both agenda, a city-themed image program, has been kicked o in Paris, London, and Tokyo in turn. Recently, the 4th episode of “both agenda :: experience 4” came to venerable Beijing where it shall be produced in cooperation with NOWRE. We made the episode with several gures of their elds, including tatooist Miho, emerging photographer Ricky, and plane models Johnny Yang and Chuanchuan, shooting scenes in various landmarks in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Tian'anmen Square.

In “both agenda :: experience 4”, the new shoe of both is designed again from natural rubber. In this collection, the upper is innovatively fabricated with ventile -- a high-density cotton canvas sourced in the U.K. that is both breathable and water-repellent.

More specially, rubber that both can do best is ingeniously and exibly wrapped onto the strategic parts of the shoes like a “skin”. Where wrapped with the rubber, the plasticity of rubber also creates a dimensional visual e ect that should be originally presented by silhouette, which additionally gives the shoes a chic artistic style.

The design delivers a sense di erent from the conventional concept of footwear, which may be the embodiment of both’s concept - exploring the in nite possibilities of natural rubber.